About us

about lleitmotif

The meaning
A derivative of leitmotif
leit·mo·tiv Click to pronounce - lleitmotif
A Leading, recurring theme in ideas, music and art.

We added the 'l' for search friendly purposes, honest.

The Brand
lleitmotif is the brainchild and labour of love of two unloveable but reliable guys from sunny Singapore. In starting lleitmotif, we set out to provide a lifestyle and fashion service, offering discerning consumers with both cost conscious yet quality clothing, as well as more esoteric offerings. We hope to eventually turn our endeavour into a one-stop online fashion hangout for all. Peace.

lleitmotif who?

GM, Founder & Owner of lleitmotif. Keeper of the lleitmotif flame, twenty four-seven. Office zombie by day who turns designer at night, working feverishly to put passion into the fashion. Sadly, videogaming has now become his second passion. In better times, he was known online ('Monster Hunter'et al) as "The Finisher".

GSM, Co-Founder & Owner of lleitmotif. IT backbone of lleitmotif, when he's awake. Personal hobbies include extreme activities such as sleeping and headbanging. His computer keyboard bears witness to his utter dedication in these two pastimes.

For Honour and Glory
Then We aim to shoot, now we aim to please. Duty calls excepted *ahem*.

GM, Founder and GSM, Co-Founder
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